Sunrise Snowsurf shop


    Welcome, we are the snowsurfers of Sunrise Snowsurf Shop, the first and only shop for the progressive snowboard community outside of Japan. We are a family of friends who would love nothing more than to show you our snowboarding world filled with freethinking spirits and evolutionary design ideas. 

    We see the love for mountains all around us in small independent snowboard builders, artists, craftsmen and riders. We have spent seasons building and bringing home  a collection that reflects this love. To us snowboarding is a rich, modern, progressive culture that is full of discoveries when you look past the spotlights. The finest Japanese snowsurfing shapes. Art, books, handmade wax. Small independent movie- and magazine projects self published by riders like you and us.

    We've created Sunrise Snowsurf Shop as a place where a lifelong love for the mountains is celebrated, where the large-scale snowboard industry is cancelled out in favor of rider inspired culture. Where you can find snowboard items that entertain the heart ánd mind. We aim to connect likeminded riders and encourage a new generation of free spirited individuals with a new vision on the snowboarding life.

    Allow us to show you a natural world where less is more, the turn is everything and a life lived with a deep love for snowboarding is a wonderful gift.

    Welcome home.

    We are open by appointment, please contact us for any questions or to drop by and check out our swallowtail collection!

    More at:
    Instagram: @sunrise_snowsurf_shop
    Youtube: Sunrise Snowsurf Shop